Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Laugh

I have a loud laugh, but without the charm of, say, Julia Roberts or Goldie Hawn. Thanks to asthma, a laugh leads to coughing and tears rolling down my cheeks, and the absurdity of that makes me laugh even harder.

I laugh a lot. I've always said that I am not funny, but I do have a good sense of humor. My animals give me several guffaws a day. Certain television shows slay me (Just watched three episodes of "Extras" starring Ricky Gervais last night and nearly died on the couch.)

My sons have reacted to my laugh with equal parts glee and embarrassment. Which means I've succesfully done my job. They each performed quite a bit, and could tell where I was in the audience thanks to my letting loose, with my husband "shooshing" me because we would miss the next line of dialogue.

I find life and my role in it quite amusing. I know that I am going through a depressive cycle when I don't see the humor in the mundane.

Since we are created in the Lord's image, it delights me entirely that our Heavenly Father must have a big belly laugh going on.

I'm grateful that no matter what my circumstances, I can find something ironic or humorous in it.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!


Tina said...

Hi, Linda.

I also am known for my infectious (I call it that) laugh. My 5 year old grandson recognizes it, my husband and daughter cringe at it. And my nephew (at the time about 3 years old) recognized it next isle over in Biggs! "Mommy Aunt Tina is over there...."

I am loving your new seem to be writng just whatever your mood or thinking is about at the time, and what you have been contemplating......I hope it is relieving and relazing, in a small way anyhow.


Natalie said...

Hi Linda, Finally had a chance to stop by, you are such a great writer. It is not easy to put one's feelings down in such a skillful yet heartfelt manner. I hope not to have seen the last of you! Natalie