Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do You Fly?

I'm a Flybaby. I've been flying for about six years and love it.  Do you fly, too?

The Flylady is a great Yahoo group, which is also now available on Facebook and Twitter. Her whole philosophy is to break down your home and office needs and projects into doable chunks.  When I first joined I was deluged with emails every 15 minutes telling me to do this or that. I admit, that part I didn't care for.

I have always been highly organized. I was the kid who never had to be told to clean her bedroom. My homework was always done early. When our boys were little my husband and I planned a trip to Disneyworld with them. About a year ahead of time I developed a day-by-day, hour-by-hour itinerary, complete with the order we would go on rides. All of it was put into sleeve protectors and a binder. When I've joked that I'm a bit anal and slightly OCD, it's not far from the truth.

This ability to organize my time and my household led to achievement in the business world. I was able to make the unusual transition in the male-dominated chemical industry from administrative assistant to department manager over three departments (HR, Public Relations, Training) in a matter of four years. Ability to organize, be flexible and break projects down into manageable chunks to meet deadlines all served me, the company and my employees well.

If you visit my cat Piwacket's quilting blog you know that we usually sign off with a reminder to "Create for 15 minutes."  If you do something for just 15 minutes per day you can conquer anything.  And many times you'll get into the groove and go a little further.

However, it's easy to become overwhelmed and off track in certain periods of our lives. For a little over a year I haven't been my organized self. I've lost items throughout the house because I didn't put them in their rightful place. I've paid bills late. The crud on my bathroom tiles has been laughing at me, because it's winning the battle.  Put simply, as my internal world became chaotic my environment became a portrait of that chaos.

Remember though...MY MOJO IS BACK!  So I've been visiting the Flylady again. Today I'll be cleaning the master bedroom and a linen closet. One of the reasons I like this group so much is because of the encouraging and empowering words to "Begin wherever you are."  If you miss a day, or two, or a month, don't look back at "Oh, I should have been doing this or that."  Instead celebrate the fact that you are doing something today, right now, for yourself and your family.

Peace and hugs from a Flybaby,

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