Monday, March 15, 2010

Soul Sisters

Hey sisters, soul sisters...gotta get that dough sisters.

With my Soul Sisters, the dough we're getting is the living bread of the Lord.

Gitchie gitchie ya ya da da
Gitchie gitchie ya ya here
Mocca choca lata ya ya

I've been part of a group of dear ladies for quite awhile now. Do you remember the show "Starting Over?"

It premiered in 2003 and was canceled in 2006.  It was the only reality show I've ever really gotten into.

It starred Rhonda Britten as the primary life coach, Dr. Stan Katz as the consulting psychologist. Rana Walker was a life coach for one season, replaced by Iyanla Vanzant later on. 

Six women who were facing life challenges entered the Starting Over house where they were given assignments in order to create the lives they wanted. The chemistry within the house was fascinating. The coaches were empowering. And yes, there were things that were done in the name of therapy that were really more due to entertainment value.

The Starting Over website had several chat rooms available and I joined one. This was after my first message board experience in a "Lost" chat room in which I was reading comments such as "Man, I hope Kate goes swimming again next week!" At one point someone asked the question, "What was that song?" I answered that it was "Beyond the Sea" recorded by Bobby Darin. I was shot down by several of the chatters who said, "No! No! It's the song from 'Finding Nemo'!"  I quickly realized that I was talking to 12-year-old boys. I hoped the same would not be the case on the Starting Over boards.

Sure enough, I found some kindred spirits. I had to wade through the nut cases, but through a series of discussions I was led to an off-site board. While there I got to know these ladies even better.

Our values are so similar. We are all Christians who tend to lean to the right politically. Each of these 14 women are sensitive, loving, funny, articulate and have great strength. We're scattered all over. We check in with each other often, daily for some of us.

We are a community. We laugh together often, cry, prepare for battle, and share our wisdom. One of the characteristics I love the most about these ladies is their honesty. You won't find unanimous agreement on much of anything. And you won't hear someone just giving lip service to another member. What we do have is tremendous respect with constant encouragement for each woman to live the life that God intends for her.

Recently I received some gifts in the mail from some of the ladies. Aren't I lucky!

Teresa, who considers herself craft-challenged, made the darling bookmark with the cupcake on top.  Susan sent each of us a new Victorian magnetic calendar for the year with a matching bookmark, Kathy made each of us a cute little pocket bag to hold cell phone, lip stick, or any other little necessity. Star sent all of us a magnet that she personally made with our logo and all the gals' names. And who could resist the Valentine?!

I love each of my Soul Sisters from this group, as well as the other sisters that God has brought into my life.  In this post, I want to give a Hallelujah shout-out to: Teresa (Magnolia), Arlene, Angel, Ginny, Linda L. , Linda P., Susan J., Susan W., Star, Anne, Allison, Kathy, Lynn and Annette.

Be thankful for the soul sisters in your life, too!

Blessings and joy,

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Linda said...

Where would we be without friends, sisters-in-Christ, and those who hold us in pray?!